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Sue Smith
Sue Smith

Sue Smith

I have fond memories at the age of four sitting at my Mum’s treadle machine sewing away making dolls clothes and then as I got older doing embroidery on counted thread and various fabrics and using coloured threads I found in local haberdasheries.

I can remember working for my Brownie Needlework badge making a summer dress on the machine with the pockets having a cross stitch border. I thoroughly enjoyed all needlework classes at school as well as working at home. When an evening course appeared at a local college my Mum encouraged me to do it and I did not need much persuasion to go ahead. This helped me to learn new techniques and to improve on others but before I finished the first part my Mum developed Alzheimer’s and I became her carer. The course helped me to cope and to finish the first qualification and I continued to show Mum my work. I changed colleges so I could carry on and went to Redhill and continued to learn about the history behind textiles and adapt to new techniques. Also I completed a local textile course.

My love of textiles still goes on as I am a volunteer at the National Needlework Archive at Greenham Common to help with the conservation of The Country Wife made for the 1951 Festival of Britain.

I enjoy learning and working with other Spectra members to continue to explore textiles and to have fun and adapt local cultural designs from around the world.

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