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Bourne Hall, Ewell, 4th-15th October 2016

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Bourne Hall, Spring Street, Ewell KT17 1UF

Nicky Smith
Nicky Smith
Nicky Smith

Nicky Smith

In free moments I enjoy being creative with textiles, threads and paper, always trying out new techniques with hand dyed fabric or paper, deriving my inspiration from anything and everything I’ve experienced. I really enjoy designing, constructing and stitching by hand or machine, to create unique and original pieces of work. I get most pleasure from combining several complementary techniques to produce pieces of more complexity.

For now my attention is wandering somewhat, as I have recently purchased image editing software, and, as I learn what it offers, I intend to use my new skills creatively, digitally altering and manipulating photos taken by me, perhaps to be incorporated in some way into new work for the future. To make sure I get the hang of it, I’m attending courses on its use in relation to textiles, one of which is a week in France with textile artist, Val Holmes, at her home and studio in France. Closer to home London has a plethora of inspirational museums, art galleries, exhibitions of textile art. Together with my membership of the Embroiderers’ Guild, and friendships made with other like minded people, this keeps me on my creative adventure.

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