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Janine Pound
Janine Pound

Janine Pound

I draw my inspiration from the natural world, using landscapes for whole cloth wall hangings and local scenes and flowers for smaller-scale embroideries.

I refer to photographs I take while travelling abroad to provide the starting point for whole cloth hangings.  I have found that my childhood spent in Zambia has had a great influence on the colours I prefer to use – the ochres of the African soil and the dusty yellows and browns of the sun-dried savannah grasslands.  I am currently using imagery from holidays in Namibia and South Africa for inspiration.

My hand and machine-embroidered pictures are based on photographs I take while visiting gardens and walking in the countryside.

For my whole cloth hangings I use thickened Procion dyes painted on to cotton to create the background landscape into which I then hand stitch to provide detailed texture. I hand dye both cotton fabric and embroidery threads to complement the other materials I use in my work.

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