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Bourne Hall, Spring Street, Ewell KT17 1UF

Anne Sillifant
Anne Sillifant
Anne Sillifant

Anne Sillifant

Drawing and printmaking helps me to explore the interesting surface qualities of natural forms, both in the landscape and in found objects such as shells and fossils.

I enjoy stitching freely into paper and drawing with the sewing machine. My current work involves constructing layered mixed media backgrounds for stitch. These are combined with soluble machine embroidery to form vessels and relief panels. Silk paper is also used as a background for stitch.

Family holidays in Dorset have inspired much of the work for the Pathways and Places theme, but my on-going obsession with trees is still evident!

I exhibit, work to commission and give talks about my work to Embroiderers’ Guild branches and other similar organisations.

As a former City & Guilds tutor, I really enjoy helping students to develop their creativity and hold workshops in my studio as well as travelling to run classes.

I am currently the Chairman of the East Surrey branch of the Embroiderers’ Guild.

Email: sillifant@sweethaven.biz

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