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Alison Dixie
Alison Dixie
Alison Dixie

Alison Dixie

I started sewing when I was about six and I was given dressing table sets to sew with daisy stitch to make for my Aunts for their Christmas presents.  I enjoyed sewing at school and started experimenting with patchwork and quilting when I was first married. I now have my own sewing sanctuary full of books, threads and fabrics and I enjoy experimenting with a range of media, when full time work permits.

My recent work on the theme of Pathways and Places reflects my interest in ancient civilisations.  The current “tomb treasures” panels have been developed whilst learning to use my new embellisher.

As well as developing my quilting skills,  I am also enjoying working with soluble fabric and creating new fabrics from recycled scraps.

I have spent many happy years doing workshops learning so many different techniques, enjoying exhibitions, museums and following themes and making fantastic friends.


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